Hair = Cosmetology

At Austin Kade Academy you will become extraordinary. Our curriculum is designed to give you an edge. Our curriculum and award winning, knowledgeable, passionate staff will ensure that! You will learn the principals of hair cutting and color paired with the most up to date techniques and technology so you can create beautiful hair. You will also learn extensions, styling, braiding, perms, upstyling and more.  The education you receive will help you to specialize in the aspects you want as well as be diverse so you can give the client all the services they want. The more services you can perform with a client the greater chance they will return to you and make you well rounded for your future salon owner. We do not make guarantees on what type of salary you will make annually but we do teach you the steps you need to take to become a well paid professional. The skill set needed is critical in marketing yourself and the more you know the more you set yourself apart from everybody else.