The beauty industry is a multibillion dollar a year industry and is an amazing chosen profession. Your job is to make people feel better about themselves and you get paid to do it! At Austin Kade Academy we have classes to teach and implement business and marketing tools that can help beauty professionals create a comfortable income. You will be taught the 9 steps of the great client experience and you are expected to implement them while you are on the clinic floor. We will help you use tools such as business cards, referral cards and text messaging to help build your clientele. The most painful process is finding clients. We teach you industry methods to find your clients and ways to retain them.  Upon graduation our student body not only leaves with their client list but they leave with the knowledge of how to continue to build their clients. Our students are prepared to go out in the real world and have a chance to become successful because we do have a focus on the business side. We continue to research and put things into play and learn from real working professionals so our students have a true understanding of what it takes.

Although not a formal program at Austin Kade Academy, in our Business curriculum we try to prepare our students to the reality of what it is going to take to make it during a recession. Currently our national economic situation is tough and we have the answer to how to prosper during recessions. Although recessions happen with regularity, we teach our students the signs and the steps that need to be taken so that income is not impacted and quality of life is continued to be enjoyed. Come in and allow us to explain to you why this is one of the best industries to be in during a recession and how to safe guard yourself against perilous times.